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I’m fortunate that my family, for the most part, really did embrace me and my truth. 

― Todd Hill-Jones
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Personal Leadership

An interview with New York Producer, DJ, Record Label Founder Lorant Duzgun

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Coaching and Development

No Kilt Required an interview with Calum Blackstock creator of Extra Scottish

An interview with Wesley Bizzell the National LGBTQ+ Bar President

An interview with Actor and Producer Paul J. Alessi.

An interview with the newly elected president of the Dallas Stonewall Democrats

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Everything We Do Matters

An interview with The Average Dude Daniel Allison.

An interview with Author E. Robert Dunn.

If you don’t know Sean Swarmer’s story, you should!

An interview with comedian, actor, writer Jason Stuart.

An interview with former Rugby player turned actor writer and more Keith Mason.

About 2021 Interviews 2020 Interviews Books and Merchandise Articles

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