Anthony Eaton is a certified Human Resources professional, writer, and author of Leadership Conversations.

In 2013 Anthony started a motivational blog posting an inspirational quote of the day. Soon after, he launched a website where he posted leadership-focused interviews quickly. Over time, this evolved to include articles and other interviews focused on women in leadership and those who have served in or support the military. Today, Anthony has moved from leadership to a wide range of interviews about people from diverse backgrounds doing interesting and meaningful things along with articles and other content.

“My goal is to give people something positive, uplifting, and inspirational while also being informative and even entertaining.”

About Anthony

Anthony grew up in the northern mid-west, primarily Minnesota living in the Twin Cities. Today he reside in Dallas – Fort Worth.

The majority of Anthony’s career has been working in Human Resources, a field that found him, and he discovered he was well-suited for. Starting from the very bottom, Anthony had many roles from recruiter to manager and he has had the opportunity to work for a wide range of companies, from non-profit and banking to utilities and healthcare

It was through his work in Human Resources that he developed his passion for leadership. Having suffered through his fair share of less-than-stellar leaders, Anthony knew there was a better way and wanted to help others to be the best leader they could be no matter their position.

“I believe we are all leaders because we all influence others. The key is whether that influence is positive or negative.”

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Anthony has had the great privilege to have his work featured in the following online and print publications.

BizCatalyst360 The Dallas Voice Windy City Times QNotes
Means Happy The Georgia Voice Harlem World Magazine The Washington Blade
Montrose StarThe Bay Area ReporterweLeadOpera News
Get Out MagazineErie Gay NewsQ Magazine


“Anthony has great interview skills! He asks great questions and understands how to make a guest feel comfortable – the time went by too fast – I was enjoying our conversation! If Anthony reaches out to you for an interview, accept that offer – you will enjoy it and be glad you did!” ~Daniel Allison, The Average Dude

Clearly, Anthony is a philosopher whether he realizes it or not! I was drawn to Anthony’s inquisitive disposition, and his willingness to engage to get to the right answer. ’ve admired Anthony’s thought-provoking posts. He asks questions to try to get people to think differently. Many folks often try to figure out what it means to be a leader. It’s different for everyone. And Anthony asks and observes.” ~Paul LaLonde, Street Level Influencer

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